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Marketplace Summit 2024: Riga

E-commerce conference "Marketplace Summit 2024: Riga" will take place

E-commerce is one of the sectors that has been closely linked to global events in recent years, influencing it not only by changing consumers' shopping habits, but also by transforming the business environment. On March 5 this year, the shopping center in Riga, "ATTA CENTRE", is organizing the first e-commerce conference in the Baltics to present market trends, focusing on starting and expanding a business on marketplace platforms. 

According to the annual study "Europe E-Commerce Report 2023", last year 69% of buyers shopped in Latvia, which was 2% more than in 2022. Despite the not very fast pace of e-commerce, the marketplace concept is currently driving market development, generating the largest volume of online transactions. For example, last year 3 million orders were placed on the PHH Group Marketplace, which also includes, which is 67% more than in 2022.

One of the conference speakers, Marketplace sales manager Kārlis Ozols, points out: "Our experience shows that today one sales channel is not enough. Customers are everywhere, both in shopping centers and online, so sellers of goods need to be where the customer is. Diversifying e-commerce channels can provide higher returns and sales growth, which we also conclude from the results of our Marketplace platform vendors in recent years, and it is marketplace solutions that currently energize the largest volume of e-commerce transactions, while providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop online sales. However, it must be admitted that there are still many merchants in Latvia who are very interested in expanding their activities online, however, the lack of knowledge or experience discourages them."

At the conference, it will be possible to learn how to increase sales on the Internet, how to expand sales in export markets, and how not to "get lost" and stand out among competitors and earn in conditions of high competition. The speeches will also focus on the analysis of the Finnish market or how Latvian sellers can successfully start selling goods in Finland.

The Marketplace Summit 2024: Riga will be attended by local and international e-commerce experts, sharing their experience, practical advice and knowledge, which will provide a complete overview of how to start and expand trading on the Marketplace trading platform. Among the speakers will be Jakub Stefanski, Head of PHH Group Marketplace, Dalia Ciutaite-Antanaite, PHH Group  Seller Perfomance Director, Kārlis Ozols, Sales Manager of Marketplace, Tomass Bērziņš, Head of Business Development at WD Market Ltd., Tomas Gražys, Sales Manager of "Faktoro", and Toms Āboliņš, Head of Sales and Marketing at SIA LATSWIM will share his experience of selling on marketplace.

The conference will take place on March 5 this year from 9.00 to 13.00, "ATTA CENTRE", Krasta iela 60, Riga.

The event is free only with pre-registration.  The total number of participants is limited. 

You can register for the conference HERE.