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SILMACHY cosmetics CEO: 220.v Marketplace boosted turnover and visibility

SILMACHY cosmetics has become a beloved brand in Latvia due to its diverse range of natural products produced in environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging. In order to make natural cosmetics even more accessible to buyers, SIA Silmachy Remedies joined the trading platform Marketplace three years ago, acknowledging that during this time it has successfully managed to expand into the Estonian and Lithuanian markets, as well as significantly promote brand awareness and attract a new target audience.

Marta Šulce, owner of SILMACHY cosmetics, says about her experience on the Marketplace platform: "We started trading 3 years ago. First of all, we tried selling in the Latvian market. Having gained confirmation of the effectiveness of the selling platform, we gradually expanded also in the Lithuanian and Estonian markets. So far, the Marketplace has helped us not only grow turnover, but also contributed to our brand awareness due to the large number of visitors to the platform. This has also gave us a in new customers."

The entrepreneur admits that despite the fact that SILMACHY cosmetics offers niche products, the key to their success lies in the composition of the products and nature-friendly, sustainable packaging, which is increasingly appreciated by buyers. "Natural solid cosmetics and shampoo soaps certainly stand out more than many classic shampoos. In addition, not only the natural and harmless composition of cosmetics is important to us, but also packaging – knowing that the cosmetics industry annually produces about 120 billion plastic packaging, which cannot always be recycled, we choose to abandon plastic from the very beginning of production, and offer cosmetics in easily recyclable and environmentally friendly cardboard, aluminum and glass packaging," reveals M.Šulce.


Revealing what goods are more often popular with buyers, she points out that oil to promote beard growth is purchased most on the Marketplace throughout the Baltics. This is followed by shampoo soaps, or hard shampoos, conditioners and soaps, as well as natural deodorants in cardboard packs.

The owner of SILMACHY cosmetics advises new sellers: "Knowing how unexpected situations can happen in the world and here in Latvia, in my opinion, e-commerce is the basis of business.
In recent years, people have been actively starting and continue to shop online, and I think all new sellers need to start with this particular channel. Given that time is currently gold-rated, e-commerce is a very good way to be quickly and easily reachable. We often go to various markets to meet customers in person, but we see that after the 2019 lockdown, the number of visitors and purchases in person is still decreasing," says M.Šulce.

The experience story of SILMACHY Cosmetics shows that small manufacturers are also able to stand out and successfully compete with large entrepreneurs – at the moment, not only the quality of products, attractive packaging and price are important for buyers, but also the commitment of manufacturers to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products produced and packaged. Perhaps the totality of all these qualities is the main reason for the success of the company, both domestically and internationally.

Entrepreneurs who want to join trading on the Marketplace can register HERE.

By joining trading, the Marketplace team provides assistance and advice to every salesperson to get the best possible experience and high sales results. A team of marketplace specialists implements various services, such as non-bank financial service, the logistics service "Fulfillment by Pigu", advertising tool "Martailer" and others.

Also, in order to improve selling conditions on the Marketplace, reduced commission for the most popular categories of goods. It will help for sellers to sell more and earn more.

Commissions on the Marketplace were reduced to 10% for sellers in the clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, and medical goods categories. In turn, the commission fee was reduced to 5% for grocers, and up to 12% for the adult goods category. In the categories of video and audio equipment, the commission was reduced to 6.5%, while for sellers selling household appliances, electronics, including ovens and refrigerators - 6%. The commission was also reduced to 5.5% for sellers selling books, and for gift sellers - to 10%. In the segment of home improvement goods, such as power tools, sellers will henceforth be charged up to 11% less commission.