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Dyretor of Meb&Podrez: Marketplace promotes the attraction of new customers

The Marketplace platform has been operating in Latvia and the Baltics since 2019, and currently more than 4,000 sellers have actively traded there, offering buyers in the Baltics an assortment of more than 3 million products. On the other hand, starting from May, the Marketplace market will also open in Finland, thus significantly expanding the trading opportunities for sellers on the platform.

Since last year, the upholstered furniture produced by SIA Meb&Podrez can also be purchased on the Marketplace platform. According to the director of the company, Danils Podrezs, thanks to the start of cooperation with, the total sales volume has increased by an average of 30%.

Podrezs tells about the start of sales in "I was encouraged to join the Marketplace by a friend who was surprised that the furniture produced by our company could not be found on the trading platform yet. He revealed that is an online store where you can find almost everything, and a large part of Latvian residents shop there. Without thinking for a long time, I decided to send a request about the terms of cooperation and soon I received answers to all the questions I was interested in, as well as a cooperation offer. After that, we started the preparation process and very soon – we placed the first products on the Marketplace trading platform."

Initially, the company sold quality budget class upholstered furniture in Latvia, however, seeing how many customers it is possible to reach on the Marketplace platform, it was decided to join the Lithuanian and Estonian markets as well. The biggest demand for "Meb&Podrez" furniture is in Lithuania, followed by Latvia and Estonia. Lithuanian and Latvian consumers have a tendency to buy goods cheaper and faster, while Estonian consumers choose a product based on quality criteria.

The company sees time savings as the biggest benefit of using the Marketplace, because the team does most of the work. As he admits, the Marketplace team provides a lot of support in various aspects of starting a business and tools that help attract buyers. Meanwhile, they can fully focus on furniture production and delivery to customers.

"We have our own online store in each Baltic country, so we already had experience in the markets of neighboring countries – we just had to continue improving. At the same time, in order to promote trade and reach new customers, we also use the marketing and advertising tools offered by," says the businessman.

As a valuable tool not only for buyers, but also for sellers, the company recommends using the "reviews and rating" section. "In the wide range of products, consumers trust proven values – with good reviews. Among many competitors, this is what stands out and helps to make a choice in favor of a purchase," observed the businessman.

Podrezs continues: " customers appreciate and choose us because we provide quality furniture at an affordable price. In addition, we provide the fastest delivery. We also promptly resolve problematic situations in cases of returning goods. Buyers appreciate this and return to us again and again. Therefore, the high rating of buyers and positive reviews help to promote even greater interest in our products."

By joining trading, the Marketplace team provides help and advice to every seller in order to get the best possible experience and high sales results. The Marketplace specialist team implements various services, such as the services of the non-bank factoring company Faktoro, the logistics service Fulfillment by Pigu and the advertising tool Martailer.

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