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Dalia Čiutaitė-Antanaitė

Impressive results of Marketplace 2 months after launch

The PHH Group's Marketplace in Finland, launched two months ago, is already showing results. 12,000 orders have been successfully fulfilled – almost half of them with products from Lithuanian sellers. So, we are sharing some advices what you need to know in order to successfully expand your sales to foreign markets.

For sellers targeting foreign markets, it is convenient that although the PHH Group Marketplace operates under different names – in Lithuania, in Latvia, in Estonia and in Finland – a single account is needed to sell in all four markets and reach as many as 11.5 million people.

"The high awareness of and other PHH Group brands, the active marketing and the trust of customers earned over the years are undoubtedly among the most important elements of e-commerce success. Every entrepreneur who decides to join our e-marketplace can benefit from them. After almost 4 years of Marketplace's operation, we can see that the most successful sellers are those who expand their geography and sell abroad", – says Dalia Čiutaitė-Antanaitė, Acting Head of PHH Group Marketplace.

"E-commerce has no borders, so we see the Baltic States and Finland as one market that is easy to access through our Marketplace. The e-marketplace infrastructure provides sellers with convenient and fast logistics, ultra-fast delivery of orders to buyers, promotional tools, financial solutions and much more. Our team takes care of customer service, problem solving and all other e-commerce processes," – says D. Čiutaitė-Antanaitė.

According to her, sellers who want to start trading in neighboring countries only need to ensure sufficient quantities of quality goods and competitive pricing. "Rational buyers today find it particularly easy to compare product prices online, so those who are able to create an attractive offer for their customers win the competition", – says D. Čiutaitė-Antanaitė.

It is equally important to provide quality product descriptions, 5 photos and, if the product is specific and the way it is used is more effectively presented interactively, video content. 

Čiutaitė-Antanaitė points out that buyers' interests and product preferences differ from country to country. Therefore, those sellers who work in all markets with a different range of products reach a wider and more diverse range of end-users.

Although our Marketplace has only been launched in Finland for a couple of months, it has already shown the habits that distinguish Finnish shoppers from Baltic shoppers. 

"Finnish shoppers prefer high quality products and detailed descriptions. Sellers need to be aware that the price and delivery promise of the product, displayed in the e-channel, is a crucial element for customers. Promises must be kept," – emphasizes D. Čiutaitė-Antanaitė.

It is clear that Finns tend to opt for high-end high-quality goods. A clear trend that retailers should take note of is that the average shopping basket in Finland is about 65% larger than in the Baltic markets. "Sellers should be prepared to react quickly and flexibly by offering the products that local buyers want," – says D. Čiutaitė-Antanaitė.

There are still many nuances to learn about foreign markets, but that's what the Marketplace team is there for, to help you deal with it all and make sure that trade develops quickly and smoothly.

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