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Online discussion

Online discussion “Marketplace Dynamics: Global vs. Local Competition and Customer Experience Excellence”

Essential tips for success in the marketplace landscape.

Have you ever thought about launching an e-shop? Or maybe start selling on Marketplace? Is the marketplace a good place for e-commerce business?
Tuure Türkson - Key Account Manager at PHH Group / KAUP24 shares her insights in the discussion “Marketplace Dynamics: Global vs. Local Competition and Customer Experience Excellence”.
You can find the podcast HERE

What you will learn?

By watching this podcast you will explore the impact of online marketplaces on traditional e-commerce, and learn about the transition challenges, competitive strategies, and the role of local marketplaces like PHH Group. The online discussion will also answer how to navigate customer experience challenges and maintain service quality. Plus, it will suggest effective solutions for solving customer experience challenges and ensuring service quality.

What is the Baltic E-commerce star?

A podcast is presented by the Baltic E-Commerce Star.
Baltic E-Commerce Star is the first e-commerce annual awards in the Baltic. For the past three years, they have been presented in Latvia, and now for the first time, they will also be presented to Baltic companies – large and small, local and exporting internet stores. Every e-store shapes and transforms the Baltics in its own way, together placing it in the limelight globally.