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PHH Group Marketplace reduces commissions for sellers

PHH Group, the largest Marketplace in the Baltic States and Finland is reducing the commission fees for sellers working on the Marketplace. From April, the rates will be reduced for the main categories of Marketplace products.

"As we treat sellers as our core partners, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the conditions for them and to encourage new sellers to join Marketplace. By continuously improving our sellers' experience, we consistently invest in the infrastructure and tools that make the whole e-commerce journey easier. Lower tariffs will be a significant additional benefit for both old and newcomers looking for a Marketplace for their goods," says Jakub Stefański, Head of Marketplace at PHH Group.

From 5 April, commissions will be reduced to 10% on goods in the clothing and footwear, including jewelry and watches, and medical categories. Rates are reduced by up to 5% for food products and by up to 12% for adult categories. 

From 20 April, commissions will be reduced by up to 6.5 per cent for video and audio equipment, by up to 6 per cent for home appliances and electronics, including ovens and refrigerators, by up to 5.5 per cent for books, by up to 10 per cent for gifts, and by up to 11 per cent for home improvement products, such as electric tools. 

Taxes will be recalculated automatically in the Marketplace system, so no additional steps are needed for existing sellers. 

According to Jakub Stefański, this year the Marketplace continues to invest in sales-oriented technologies, further improving the logistics chain and using automation and artificial intelligence tools. "We will offer sellers a simpler registration on the Marketplace, make it even easier to upload new products to the Marketplace, and increase the scope of our sales promotion campaigns," says Jakub Stefański. 

Among the further goals for Marketplace in 2024 is to deliver sellers' shipments to customers faster, cheaper and on time, through innovative logistics models and partnerships. 

According to Mr Stefański, in 2023, there was a marked increase in interest in e-commerce among SMEs, with Marketplace seen as a platform where it was particularly easy to start an e-business. "We have noticed a growing desire among sellers to expand their trade to foreign markets. This interest has been driven by the ability to easily trade in four different countries through the Marketplace. The Finnish market, which was opened up to e-commerce last year, has attracted particular attention from traders," says Mr Stefański. 

Jakub Stefański points out that thanks to consistent and focused work, Marketplace is attracting more and more sellers every year and significantly increasing its sales volume. In 2023, Marketplace's turnover reached EUR 105 million, up 67% from more than EUR 63 million in 2022. In 2021, turnover was almost €40 million.  

Marketplace sellers are getting more attention from shoppers every year: in 2023, they fulfilled 67% more orders than the year before, up from 1.8 million in 2022 to 3 million last year. In 2021, the number of orders was 1.1 million.